Be careful that social media doesnt affect your personal brand

social media personal brandingDid you know that recruiters are using social media as a tool to evaluate potential candidates?

The truth is that social media, when used carelessly, can hinder your personal brand.

A personal brand should communicate your appearance, professionalism, demeanour and the way you approach situations. Are you impulsive and hot-headed, funny and outgoing or are you a relentless whiner? All of this can be uncovered about you from the social media platforms you are active on.

Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+ give recruiters a glimpse of who you are. Believe it or not, whether you're constantly tagged in questionable posts or images - they can affect whether a job offer is extended to you or not.

Employers are looking for polished, professional and respectful candidates to join their teams. This doesn't include people who vent on social media about how bad their current employer is, regardless of the situation.

Follow these tips to make your social activity work for you:

  • If it slanders your employer, do not post it
  • Think about cleaning up your social platforms, which means removing and untagging all the images that reflect negatively on you as well as removing any negative remarks that may put you in a bad light
  • Constantly tweet or post relevant industry articles as it shows interest in your industry
  • DON'T have inappropriate profile pictures on your social pages
  • Don't make careless statements
  • And lastly, consider changing your privacy settings on your social platforms

70% of recruiters have said that they've rejected candidates due to what they see online.

Keep in mind that, when it comes to building a reputable personal brand, not all attention is good attention. Social media has the ability to kill your brand or keep it alive – think of it as a double-edged sword. Be vigilant about what you post, be proactive and create an impression that will get you that IT, Finance or Engineering job.

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