Stay on top of your game conduct a yearend career audit

career auditTowards the end of the year, fatigue is at an all-time high. Everybody is trying to finalise their outstanding work obligations before the start of the festive season. As a result, this places professionals under even more pressure as they focus on achieving the career goals that they identified at the beginning of the year. 

Conducting a year-end career audit enables you to assess your current career situation and to measure your actual achievements against the goals you set: what did you achieve; where did you fall short; which challenges did you face?  Reviewing your successes and shortcomings will allow you to see things in perspective, and to correct areas that require attention.

However, the scope of a year-end career audit extends beyond your goals. Not only is it about quantifiable activities, it is also about "soft" issues such as relationships with your co-workers.   Consider the professional relationships you developed over the past year. If there are particular relationships that could improve, pay attention to these to resolve them in a productive manner which makes you a better colleague, communicator or employee.

Your career audit should include an assessment of the training or professional development programmes which you participated in. Review any seminars, courses, and workshops that could elevate your career in the next year. Identify the training that you require to strengthen weaker areas which will impact on your career growth.

Another area that needs to be audited is your current salary to ensure that you are maximising your earning potential. Make time to research average salaries for your position, taking into account your geographic location. Knowing your value is critical for career advancement.

Do a year-end career audit now to redefine your career development plan. Assess how satisfied you are with your current role, your skills, strengths, and weaknesses. Where do you ultimately see yourself?

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