Stay top of mind by being an effective networker

effective networkerThe year is in full swing which only means one thing – industry events are on the horizon and attending is an absolute must!

As you begin to positively participate in these events, you will encounter professionals and industry leaders who (by having them as part of your network) will prove beneficial.

The whole concept of networking may seem volatile in the beginning and similar to a ticking bomb, making one wrong move can damage that connection forever. Thus, it's important for professionals to be able to effectively connect and communicate with industry leaders as they never know when you'll need them.

After you've attended an industry event, don't underestimate the timely manner to reconnect with someone. When the business card exchange has been done, call or send an email a couple of days after the event reminding them of who you are and that you were delighted to meet them. As the saying goes, strike while the iron is hot.

Professionals can reach out on social media too. By using social media platforms such as LinkedIn you can stay in touch with your new connection. It specifies that you are trying to build a relationship. Sure, not everyone will connect with you, but those who do will assist in igniting your career.

To further connect with your new connections, you can also consider inviting them to events you or, your company are hosting. Have a partnership! Not only does this solidifies your business relationship, it shows that you value their position in the industry.

In her Huffington Post piece, Kaitlyn Russell, an editorial producer at DailyWorth, recommends professionals who want to effectively connect with people in their industry to start or, join virtual groups. Members of the group will definitely share a similar interest as you which makes it the perfect platform to connect with like-minded people.

So the next time you attend an industry event, ensure you remind yourself of the importance of why you're there. Communicate effectively to build a successful business relationship and remember to keep it professional at all times.

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