May 15
The Etiquette Around Employment Offers

So, you've submitted your CV, attended an interview and your prospective employer has placed an offer of employment on the table. What happens next? According to Network Recruitment's Branch Manager, Michelle Snyman, the first 48 hours after receiving an offer of employment are crucial.

The first step is to reinforce your potential employer's positive opinion of you by avoiding taking too long to give an answer to the offer.

It's said that 8 out of 10 employers boldly expect candidates to accept extended employment offers. But, why don't many candidates respond in a timely manner? Either, they simply don't fully understand the content of the employment contract or they aren't elated by certain conditions in the contract and are at a crossroads. 

If this happens to you, relay your concerns to your recruitment agency or to the Hiring Manager, so that they can shed some light by explaining the confusing clauses and address your concerns.

Questions that you should ask once an offer of employment has been extended include:

1. What are the benefits? Does the company offer preferential rates, secondment opportunities, study assistance or flexi hours?

2. What benefits are compulsory? Does the package include medical aid, pension or provident fund and death and disability cover, or does the package include no benefits?

3. Are there any expectations or conditions – such as background checks and medical tests?

Snyman says 'If your current job doesn't provide any benefits, but your new job does, the gross salary will need to be a lot higher to cover the deductions associated with these benefits to enable you to come out with at least the same money you're currently earning. Bear this in mind during your salary negotiations.' 

It's not unusual that Managers forget to mention particular employment conditions during the interview process. However, it's critical that you are made aware of any compulsory benefits or conditions when you're made the offer so that you can calculate the impact on your nett pay.

Be aware that employment offers have an expiry date. Consider asking about the deadline when you receive the offer as you may lose your dream job if you respond after the company's cut off date.

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