Sep 14
New kid on the block - how to handle your first counter offer

pexels-photo-90333-large.jpegFrom Artisans to IT Developers, there is certainly a demand for skills and a shortage of talent – we see it every day.

That's why it's no surprise when a candidate is offered a counter offer once they inform their employer that they have decided to leave. There have been candidates who have decided to stay with their current employers, but from our experience, they are back on the job market months later.  

If this is your first counter offer, don't be flattered. As our IT Branch Manager, Lara Rea would say "Counteroffers are often knee-jerk reactions from the employer's" A counter offer will not address your aspirations or core reasons, yes, you will earn more money but that voice that made you look for another job opportunity will not be silenced for long.

Money can somewhat be a contributing factor but factors such as career stagnation, lack of recognition or, boredom are initially some of the main factors why professionals leave.

Don't use a counter offer as a bargaining chip. As tempting as it is to use a counter offer to get more money from a potential employer is not the best career move. Want to earn more in your next role, just ask.

"But you're a recruitment agency, obviously you'll dissuade candidates from taking a counter offer because it's in your best interest," sceptic candidates may ask. That is furthest from the truth. We specialise in the fields of IT, Finance, and Engineering by igniting the careers of professionals in these niche areas. Your career cannot be ignited if you take a counter offer.

If you're being offered a counter offer, choose wisely. If you plan to reject it, do it politely – this is to avoid burning any bridges with your current soon-to-be-ex-employer. Remember, you were unhappy with your existing job and you went for a job interview and then accepted a job offer. You made the conscious decision to leave, why change now.

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