Nov 03
Stay on top of your game: the way forward from your career audit

success aheadNow that you have conducted your year-end career audit and summarized both the goals you achieved and those you fell short of, it's time to decide where to from here. Ask yourself: "What do I want from my career and how will I get there?"

Examining your year-end career audit is useful as it assists in evaluating the correlation between with your career needs, aspirations, and lifestyle.

Develop a roadmap that will help enhance your career, skills, and abilities.

Firstly, you need to weigh your success against your shortcomings.  Establish if your success outweighs your shortfalls and vice versa, referring back to your career goals.  Identify the skills and competencies that you can develop, while using your career goals as a point of reference, to the deal breaker career goals.

After doing the abovementioned, you may now have a clear vision of where you are in your career and what you need.  This can be useful information to create more realistic goals that will require you to make a move that will benefit you.

Put a strategy in place to achieve your career goals.  Identify the tasks that will help achieve these goals. Have a feasible time frame to achieve these goals and ensure that you will be motivated to complete them.

And finally, involve people to support you in your career journey.  Involving a third party may possibly increase your chances of achieving your goals successfully.  Individuals such as your manager and your mentor can provide the support you need to help you stay focused.

Your manager, supervisor, line manager or team leader can help you enhance your understanding of executing your goals, from their experience.

The implementation of a career action plan is possibly a crucial part of your career development.  It is this stage / phase that determines whether or not your career goals will be achieved.  Once you have recognised what is important in your career and your life, know what your strengths and weakness are, and have a clear vision of how to achieve your goals.  Approach your manager for assistance before you make that career move – this will ensure that you stay on top of your career game.

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