Jun 08
The importance of a resignation letter

‚Äčresignation letter.jpgEveryone resigns from time to time as it forms part of one's career move in climbing up the career ladder.  Once you have decided it's time to move on to another career opportunity and have overcome your resignation fears, Network Recruitment's specialist recruiters will advise any job seeker to always leave their current employer on good terms.

While it may seem old-fashioned, the correct way to notify your current employer of your departure is by means of a resignation letter.  By maintaining a professional tone, the letter will ensure that you leave your relationship with your employer with grace and decorum.

Irrespective of your verbal resignation, we believe that a letter not only makes you more courteous and professional, it speaks volumes about your character.  It makes your intention to leave clear and notifies the employer of your last day.  Furthermore, it indicates that you are a responsible professional when you are applying for future career opportunities. 

Resigning can be a difficult process especially when you respect and love your current employer and the people you work with. From our specialist recruiter's perspective, leaving without providing a resignation letter is unprofessional and might be interpreted as disrespected.

Since you are terminating a formal contract, the letter is to create a paper trail documenting your exit that will be stored in your employee record and will be considered by Human Resource to recruit a replacement for your role.  It also assist in formally commencing the process of your final salary and other benefits that need to be given to you.

You may include your reasons for leaving, however, it is up to you as to how much detail you want to include.  Whether you are sad about your departure from your current employer or can't wait to leave, your resignation is a key career tool.

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