Jul 24
Handling a Counter Offer

counter offer.jpgSo, you've decided to leave your current job and are actively job searching. After a successful interview, your prospective employer offers you a job. As you prepare for your resignation, you're made a counter offer by your current employer.

Do you stay or leave?

Research shows that most employees do not leave their jobs because of money issues. Instead, they leave for various reasons, including career development. Before meeting with a specialist recruiter, think about your reason/s for leaving because the recruiter will probe your motives for moving. Few candidates spend any time preparing for how they'll react if their employer makes a counter offer. By establishing how you'll react, the specialist recruiter is determining whether he or she can commit to you.

Plan how you'll react and what you'll say, if you're made a counter offer.

  • Don't be persuaded
    Ensure that you're 100% certain about leaving your current job and don't leave room for your employer to persuade you into staying. Explain your decision process and why you've decided leave your job for another opportunity.

  • Be emotionally prepared
    The author of Shaping the Game: The New Leader's Guide to Effective Negotiating, Michael Watkins, likens leaving your job to a romantic relationship breakup. While one person has been planning to leave, the other party may be caught off guard. "What you've done has damaged the relationship and it's never going to be the same," Watkins says.

  • Don't burn bridges
    When you resign, don't burn any bridges. While your current employer may try to convince you to stay, listing your grievances with management or the company is not a good idea. Instead, tell your employer that the job was a great learning experience and that you've enjoyed it.

  • Understand the implications of accepting the counter offer
    In the recruitment industry, it's considered a taboo to accept a counter offer. Not only do you break the trust with your specialist recruiter, but you break your commitment to your prospective employer, tarnishing your personal brand and gaining a reputation for behaving unprofessionally.

If the counter offer is tempting, think long and hard about the implications your actions may have on your long-term career and your reputation within your industry. It's a well-known fact that most candidates who accept counter offers end up leaving months later. If your move is motivated by career growth, accepting the counter offer may be a temporary fix.

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