Aug 08
The labour of dishonesty

‚Äčdishonesty.jpgThe current job market has recently made professionals desperate to find employment. In the hopes of getting a specialist recruitment agency's attention, job seekers are going to extreme lengths to find employment by tampering with their qualifications and payslips.

According to Network Finance Team Leader Michelle Calvert, their efforts are futile as specialist recruiters are trained to do background checks on their candidates before starting with the recruitment process. "Specialist recruitment consultants are trained to speak to their candidate's previous employers (as given to us by the candidate), and follow the necessary processes with regards to qualifications, ID, criminal and credit checks," she explains.

It is important to bear in mind that specialist recruiters cannot contact a candidate's current employer to ask how much they earn and confirm their current position without jeopardising their current role or setting off alarm bells. With that said, candidates may be surprised to know that the recruitment industry is close-knit and networking within the industry plays an important role for specialist recruiters. "Whether it be through interaction at career days, speaking with past associates, or client meetings with sometimes six or eight recruitment agencies around the table, we do discuss the challenges we all face in the market," she adds.

Telling a lie such as being in the possession of a driver's license when you aren't can raise suspicion as to what else you could be lying about. Specialist recruiters are becoming increasingly aware of incidents such as this and are obliged to divulge their findings to the candidate's potential employer. Furthermore, an alert is created in the recruitment system for all future interactions regarding candidates who engage in this type of behaviour, which ultimately puts the candidate's career search in jeopardy.

As a specialist recruitment agency, our core function is to foster enduring relationships with South Africa's foremost IT, Finance and Engineering employers.  Network Recruitment invests time and resources to better understand what their recruitment plans are for the upcoming year, what roles may become available in the future and to discuss the high calibre IT, Finance and Engineering candidates in the market.

According to Calvert, "our clients in return are open about sharing information with us about candidates they have had an encounter with (whether through other agencies or their own brand websites) and because Network Recruitment is an experienced recruitment specialist, we will do everything to minimise the employer's risk when employing their next top hire".

In this modern era where we all have access to technology and social media platforms, specialist recruiters at Network Recruitment will ensure that your organisation's next hire has not misrepresented themselves as we are constantly growing our personal and business networks and perform thorough background checks on all candidates prior to introducing them to potential employers.

Michelle Calvert is a Team Leader at Network Finance.

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