Sep 25
Getting the Best Out of Your Recruitment Consultant

Developing a good working relationship with your recruitment consultant will benefit your career ambitions. 

We've discovered that some career seekers distrust recruitment agencies, mostly because they don't really understand how recruitment works and, as a result, don't get the best out of their recruiter. However, if nurturedthis relationship can save you lots of time and help your career. 

"You need to look at a few deciding factors to ensure your reputation in the marketplace will be handled with care and professionalism," says Lucinda van Aswegen, Specialist Network IT Consultant with Network Executive.

Take interviews with the recruiter seriously
When a recruiter requests a face-to-face meeting, take time to prepare and present yourself in a professional manner. This meeting is about assessing your employability, professionalism, character and career aspirations. If you don't take the meeting seriously, there is a chance that the consultant won't consider you for future job vacancies as recruiters prefer to work with candidates who respect their input.

Be honest
Know what you want and communicate this to your recruiter. For example, if you don't want to work for certain companies, tell your recruiter. Being upfront about your career needs and aspirations helps the recruiter to find the best career fit for you.

Be open to feedback
Listen to what your recruiter has to say. As they work with both you and the client, they have a clear understanding of what both sides need and can offer good advice about how you can improve in interviews. Be open to constructive criticism and feedback. For example, the companies that you would like to work for might not all be a realistic match for you. 

Articulate your achievements well
Occasionally, a recruiter will have to work hard to promote you to a client to really show your potential value to the company. It helps if you can articulate the benefits and value you bring to the table. "Emphasise your achievements, not your duties. It's important to understand, and present, what sets you apart from other candidates who may have the same skillset as you," van Aswegen says. Remember that it's always the client's decision if you are hired or not - the recruiter can only point out your value.

Ask questions
A specialist recruiter has knowledge of IT, Finance and Engineering markets - like remuneration and skills that specific clients need. They can also explain more about the job role and the interviewer, which can help you prepare for your interview better. Take advantage while you can. 

Grasp how recruiters work
Recruiters are there to help you find the right job, while at the same time, are helping clients to find the right employee. Some agencies have a pool of talent at their disposal but nowhere to place them. "In your first meeting, find out what process the recruiter follows. This will give you a clear understanding of how to work with your recruiter and also how to choose the recruitment company that will best satisfy your job needs and requirements," adds van Aswegen.

It's always best to take advice from people in the know. A specialist recruiter is often your best bet when you're looking for a new job.

Lucinda van Aswegen is Specialist IT Consultant at Network Recruitment.

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