Mar 24
Trust Your Recruiter During Salary Negotiations
​​​​ Trust Your Recruiter During Salary Negotiations

Times are tough and the job market is competitive. You know your worth, but future employers need convincing. Proving why you deserve the salary you're asking for is not as easy as it seems. That's why you need a specialist recruiter in your corner.

Trusting someone else to negotiate on your behalf can be scary - particularly if you feel you can do a better job. However, specialist recruiters work closely with their clients and have a vested interest in ensuring that both parties - client and candidate - get what they want. Trust your recruiter to do well for you and they will.

Do your homework and ensure that you engage a reputable specialist recruiter whom you can enter into a partnership with. Someone who will work hard to help change your life for the better – better job, better salary, better life.

"If you want to get the best out of your specialist recruiter, you need to be forthcoming about your CTC (cost to company), performance bonus, leave days – basically every factor that will contribute to your salary expectations," says Corne Booysen, Finance, and IT Senior Branch Manager.

Specialist recruiters are experts in their niche industries. Their knowledge comes from years of experience and includes being able to negotiate to make sure that both parties - client and candidate - walk away satisfied.  

After all, it's in their best interest to make both parties happy. Candidates who are honest and straightforward are easier to work with. They make the recruitment process and salary negotiation easier as the better a recruiter knows you, the harder they can fight for you.

Corne Booysen is a Senior Branch Manager at Network Recruitment.

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