Jun 28
Counter-Offers: Candidates Need to Choose Wisely

​​Network - Counter Offers - Candidates Need to Choose Wisely (June 16).jpgYou're looking for a new job and decide to contact a recruitment agency to assist. After establishing a great relationship with your specialist consultant, you start the recruitment process, go on a job interview and a potential employer extends you a job offer.

You decide to leave your current employer. However, when you inform them of your decision, they counter-offer and, as the counter-offer sounds lucrative, you decide to accept.

This scenario is very uncomfortable and has the potential to ruin the relationship between current employer and employee. Also, if the employee verbally accepted the original job offer before going back on their word to accept a counter-offer, there will be a ripple effect that extends to the recruitment consultant and the potential employer. What many professionals in this situation fail to see is that often it's them who lose out the most.

"Professionals who accept a counter offer give recruiters the impression that they are not serious or committed to developing their career. Recruiters work in a fast paced environment, so when a candidate accepts a counter offer, all the time that could have been spent trying to help another candidate get a job is wasted," Shivani Parusram, Branch Manager at Network Finance, explains.

It's imperative that job seekers are certain that they want to leave their current job before going on the market. If you're not sure, take a step back and speak to your manager to resolve any complications in your current role before you enter the job market.

You need to fully understand your reasons for wanting to find a new job in the first place because as Parusram says "a counter offer will only make you happy for a short period of time. If you haven't resolved the underlying issues that made you want to leave in the first place, I highly recommend that you don't accept it".

If you've accepted a counter-offer and realise you've made a bad decision, the best course of action is to speak to your recruiter and work at rebuilding the trust between you.

As with all things in life, it's ultimately your decision whether you accept a counter-offer or not.

Don't take the decision lightly. These are career-defining moments that will affect both your current job and your future career. Choose wisely.​

Shivani Parusram is a Branch Manager at Network Recruitment.

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