Jun 28
Overcoming Your Resignation Fears

Network - Overcoming Your Resignation Fears (June 16).jpgActively looking for a new job can be daunting – particularly if you're changing jobs because it's time to move on rather than because you dislike your job or employer. While leaving will be beneficial to your career, you can't help but feel unsure about how you're going to break the news to your boss.

This is a hurdle all job seekers need to overcome, especially if they've formed a strong bond with their manager. If you're afraid to inform your employer about a job offer, you're just prolonging the inevitable.

"Putting it off will only make things worse," Network Recruitment's Marketing Manager, Thumeka Mblane explains. "The longer you put it off, the more you impact your notice period. As a result, you might not be able to start your new job at the agreed upon time."

The anxiety of resigning can lead you to handle the situation incorrectly. Remember that you want to preserve your reputation and your relationship with the company you are leaving. "You still need them in your corner down the line. It's about making sure you don't burn bridges," she says.

Mblane offers job seekers these tips to overcome their resignations fears:

  • It's better to speak to your manager first about your intentions before you speak to your colleagues.
  • Break the news in person. "Face-to-face is always better," she says.
  • Follow up the conversation with a formal resignation letter.
  • Don't be emotional. Keep it short and consider how to communicate your reasons for leaving. Saying that you need to be challenged in a new environment is a good way of expressing your reason for leaving. Avoid inflammatory statements like "I'm burnt out and can't handle my colleagues." 
  • Discuss your resignation period and stick to it.
  • Be polite. And always say thank you.

If you're preparing to resign, remember to do so gracefully and professionally. Don't burn any bridges as the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

Thumeka Mblane is Network Recruitment's Marketing Manager.

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