Network Recruitment has an established track record. Our Consultants are committed to professionalism and service.
These Candidate Testimonials - gathered from some of the thousands of candidates successfully placed by Network - highlight the experience and dedication shown by Network Recruitment's team. These testimonials are proof that Network Recruitment has mastered candidate placement, while the contribution made by these candidates in their various sectors is proof that quality is everything to Network Recruitment.


"This is the very first agency that has exceeded my expectations. They are friendly and professional." – Engineering Candidate

"Network Engineering’s consultants are passionate about improving the lives of their candidates through successful placements. Their services are exceptional; I am impressed and also positive that they will find me my dream job." – Engineering Candidate


"Network IT Recruitment did an outstanding job of matching me with exactly what I wanted, in less than two weeks!" – IT Candidate

"I am very happy with the new position as I am currently exposed to a lot of technology. Thank you. Network IT Recruitment" – IT Candidate


"This is the second time I am partnering with Network Finance for my next career opportunity. From the looks of it, seems as though history will repeat itself and I am assured of an excellent growth experience." – Finance Candidate

"I do believe that amongst the recruitment agencies I have had contact with, Network Finance has their candidate’s best interest at heart. I know that they will place a job-seeker in a company that will give them good growth opportunities and treat them fairly." – Finance Candidate

"I was extremely impressed with the manner in which various finance opportunities were explained to me. Other recruitment firms have not been as thorough and this is something that I really appreciated." – Finance Candidate

"Network Finance is one of the few recruitment specialists that I have had the pleasure of having an interview with, they actually got me. No brain dead questions and a true passion for moving my career forward. I really appreciate this." – Finance Candidate


"Network Contracting Solutions didn’t take a lot of time to secure me an interview with a potential employer. Thank you very much for the opportunity. I never got a chance to thank you." – Contracting Candidate