Network Contracting Solutions

Network Contracting Solutions is a well-known and trusted partner, supplying top IT, Finance, and Engineering contracting talent. We bring a depth of specialist knowledge, skills and experience to building high performance, scalable Contracting teams. 

Our team of highly skilled and trained professional specialist Contracting consultants work fast (and smart) to match savvy clients with the best Contracting talent in industry. Our innovative sourcing techniques are enabled by technology and our large, detailed database of highly skilled Contracting candidates.

Our administration and contractor management practices are legally compliant and streamlined to ensure a high-quality service to both clients and contractors alike. The benefits of using NCS:

  • No impact on your permanent head count

  • Fast, reliable and flexible provision of specialist professionals for all-important projects

  • Availability of the right skills, at the right time

  • Instant access to service delivery and project management skills and expertise

  • Address your skills shortages quickly, enabling quick access to much needed new skills

  • Legally compliant, trusted partner that is part of a Listed group

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