Network Recruitment has an established track record. Our Consultants are committed to professionalism and service.
These Candidate Testimonials - gathered from some of the thousands of candidates successfully placed by Network - highlight the experience and dedication shown by Network Recruitment's team. These testimonials are proof that Network Recruitment has mastered candidate placement, while the contribution made by these candidates in their various sectors is proof that quality is everything to Network Recruitment.


"I was impressed by the professional conduct of the consultant and the detail of her questions. I believe that professionalism is DNA of Network Engineering."

Message from a candidate about Itumeleng Tsosane

"I am very happy to work with Network Engineering. She already provided me with an opportunity close to what I was looking for. I am probably a difficult candidate to place as I like to do the research myself before accepting any interviews, and I am therefore very thankful for her patience."

Message from a candidate about  Lindy Walter

"Network Engineering was extremely well-informed about the industry and working conditions of metallurgists. They immediately understood exactly what my needs were in relation to the mining industry and where I see myself."

Message from a candidate about Cariece Coetzee

"I am very impressed with Network Engineering and their service. My consultant was very professional and easy to speak with. It was so amazing that he even knew my field more than me. I am still impressed with his interview and the advises that he gave me. I met two lovely ladies at the reception, they were so friendly and professional. The overall experience was absolutely amazing. I cannot say much but I am impressed."

Message from a candidate about Mncedisi Khoza


"Network IT was extremely professional, proactive and accommodating during my interview and was clearly well informed with regards to the IT industry as a whole. They made sure I had all the information (e.g. job specs / client info) prior to my interview and ensured my mind was at ease regarding the particular queries I had. They were patient, helpful and honest all the time and responded promptly to any correspondence with them. The specialist recruiter is an excellent ambassador for Network IT and sets it apart with his unmatched service skills. Thank you!"

Message from a candidate about  Duran Balbathur

"I can't think of any areas that need improvement in the service I received from Network IT during my recruitment process. They have set a high standard in my opinion in how all recruitment companies should behave and conduct their business. Well Done!"

Message from a candidate about Jamie Miranda

"I would like to compliment the skills and quality of Network IT's specialist recruiters. The consultant was communicative and well informed of my profile during the interview. Furthermore, he had detailed information about the position he called me for. He was transparent with his questions and he was also able to answer my questions. I would like to thank the specialist recruitment agency for the time and resources spent on me up to this stage of my application process and hoping for the best. Thanks for the follow up after the interview."

Message from a candidate about Brett Ganga


"I never got a chance to thank you. I really appreciate your assistance and your efforts in going out of your way to find me a job opportunity. I'd also like to thank you for the encouragement and inspiration during the interview process. Thanks for the excellent service."

Message from a candidate about Je'taime Rathbone

"Network Finance has largely exceeded my expectations. I was given a warm welcome by all the staff members I met. Meleshe Kelly was incredibly professional and brilliant. I have no doubt in her abilities and I will surely find a job that I desire."

Message from a candidate about Meleshe Kelly

"network Finance was very professional and informed, which made me confident that they can place me. I'm also very impressed with the feedback they give their candidates."

Message from a candidate about Mandy de Beer

"Network Finance has the best Finance consultants! Brendon Du Plessis took me through the interview as a prospective employer would have, and also advised me on how to approach certain questions when asked in a job interview. After my interview with him I am confident that I will be employed soon."

Message from a candidate about Brendon Du Plessis

"Network Finance provided me with an interview experience I have never had. I received tips on how to approach my interview, little things that I should take note off as well as continual feedback and information even once the interview was finished. I recommend Network Finance to anyone and everyone looking for genuine assistance making an impact in the market today."

Message from a candidate about Rochelle Willemse

"Network Finance is a professional their field of recruiting. They are professional, effective and efficient, punctual, have great recruiters with personality, who pay attention to detail. They have a vast product knowledge, phenomenal presentation and are dedicated to service excellence. I am positive that your consultant is your greatest asset and I can assure you that she will achieve greater heights in the industry. Thank you."

Message from a candidate about Sunette Roccon 

"My experience of Network Finance was a pleasant one, the recruiter was very well informed about my field. Their level of professionalism is something to be admired and the interview with the recruiter was very thorough. I have the utmost confidence in their service and ability to assist me with my career path." 

Message from a candidate about Mia Nel

"My experience with Network Recruitment was very productive. Assistance from reception was prompt, friendly and efficient. My consultant, Bianca Gohl was very detailed and transparent and took time to understand my needs. I will definitely recommend the agency to my fellow colleagues in the industry."

Message from a candidate about  Bianca Gohl


"'Rochelle was positive and didn’t even take a lot of time to secure me an interview with the potential employer. Thanks very much for the opportunity afforded.I never got a chance to thank you."

Message from a candidate about Rochelle Willems