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Stay top of mind by being an effective networker
The year is in full swing which only means one thing – industry events are on the horizon and attending is an absolute must!
Stay top of mind by being an effective networker
effective networker
8/18/2016 3:46 PMNetworkingLerato Mashego8/18/2016 3:52 PM
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effective networkerThe year is in full swing which only means one thing – industry events are on the horizon and attending is an absolute must!

As you begin to positively participate in these events, you will encounter professionals and industry leaders who (by having them as part of your network) will prove beneficial.

The whole concept of networking may seem volatile in the beginning and similar to a ticking bomb, making one wrong move can damage that connection forever. Thus, it's important for professionals to be able to effectively connect and communicate with industry leaders as they never know when you'll need them.

After you've attended an industry event, don't underestimate the timely manner to reconnect with someone. When the business card exchange has been done, call or send an email a couple of days after the event reminding them of who you are and that you were delighted to meet them. As the saying goes, strike while the iron is hot.

Professionals can reach out on social media too. By using social media platforms such as LinkedIn you can stay in touch with your new connection. It specifies that you are trying to build a relationship. Sure, not everyone will connect with you, but those who do will assist in igniting your career.

To further connect with your new connections, you can also consider inviting them to events you or, your company are hosting. Have a partnership! Not only does this solidifies your business relationship, it shows that you value their position in the industry.

In her Huffington Post piece, Kaitlyn Russell, an editorial producer at DailyWorth, recommends professionals who want to effectively connect with people in their industry to start or, join virtual groups. Members of the group will definitely share a similar interest as you which makes it the perfect platform to connect with like-minded people.

So the next time you attend an industry event, ensure you remind yourself of the importance of why you're there. Communicate effectively to build a successful business relationship and remember to keep it professional at all times.

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LinkedIn networking etiquette
LinkedIn networking etiquette
8/16/2016 4:15 PMNetworkingLerato Mashego8/16/2016 4:20 PM

When it comes to networking online, LinkedIn is probably the most popular and the most effective social media platform. Millions of professionals from all spheres of life are turning to LinkedIn in the hopes of establishing purposeful connections on a daily basis.

It's a great social platform if you wish to expand your network. However, we have all had a bad experience with a person who has definitely tried connecting with you the wrong way. Instead of coming across as professional, they seemed creepy and 'cyber-stalkerish'.  With that said, there are certain networking etiquettes that are important for people to know.

Know the reason why you are sending requests
LinkedIn is not about how many connections you have because it's not a numbers game. It's futile to have a big network on LinkedIn but 80% of those connections are not people in your niche or industry.

Personalise your invitations
The main aim of LinkedIn is to create meaningful professional business relationships with your connections. If your invitation is personalised, it gives that human aspect to it. By introducing yourself and telling the person you're inviting that you have looked at their profile and would like to connect with them to discuss possible collaborations is better than the generic 'I'd like to connect with you' message. Keep the message under 300 characters as most LinkedIn message have a limit.

Develop a rapport with someone before asking for something
Often, people start discussing business without building a rapport with the person. Just like networking in real life, you need to develop good relations before you talk or, discuss what you need or can offer. In order to gain their trust, you need to be patient.

Don't ask strangers for recommendations
Asking strangers for recommendations is not optional, as they are not credible recommendations. Rather ask individuals you know, like your colleagues, friends and maybe your boss. Simply because they know who you are and will provide valuable insight to you who are.

Remember the purpose of LinkedIn. It's a platform for professional networking and it's vital that professionals should stick to professional updates and conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.

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Why Networking is Important for Your Career
Why Networking is Important for Your Career
11/20/2015 2:09 PMNetworkingSharePoint Admin Account4/13/2016 2:25 PM

Are you a professional wanting to maximise your career and stay top of mind in your industry, but you don't know where to start? Start with networking!

Often professionals don't realise the impact of making and building connections, and that networking can be beneficial to their careers, enabling them to stand out and remain top of mind.

Today, most career advancement is due more to who you know in your industry. "Professionals in the Finance sector know each other, so consider building good relationships with as many people in your field as possible", advises Yolandi Maritz, Team Leader at Network Finance Corporate.

Building a network takes time. Consider these tips to ensure that your network is solid: 

1. Attend industry related events
Attend industry events where you're most likely to meet key players in your field. "Attend as many events as you can, because employers often refer people they've met at events to colleagues who are looking for skills", says Maritz.

2. Stay in contact
Stay in contact with your network so that you'll be top of mind if anyone is looking for a referral. According to Maritz, staying in contact with other professionals keeps you abreast of what's happening in the market and keeps you informed about possible career opportunities. Platforms like LinkedIn allow you to stay in touch, without being overbearing.

3. Go for introductory interviews
Introductory interviews are another form of networking because employers like to meet with possible candidates to form connections for future positions. Sadly, many professionals are discouraged when an opportunity arises but doesn't lead to anything concrete immediately. "The benefits of introductory interviews are first-hand knowledge of the company and meeting a potential employer face-to-face. When an opening comes up, you could be the first person considered", Maritz adds.

Networking maximises your employment opportunities and places you in a beneficial career position. Don't miss out on the opportunity to make your network work for you. Attend industry events, keep in contact and never underestimate introductory interviews. Remember, people refer people!

Yolandi Maritz is a Team Leader at Network Recruitment.

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Tips for Good Networking
Tips for Good Networking
10/30/2015 1:03 PMNetworkingSharePoint Admin Account4/13/2016 1:18 PM

There are many reasons why professionals network, including to get access to job opportunities, for career exposure, to get referrals and to build connections. Industry events are a good opportunity to network, while enjoying the company of other professionals in your field and talking about your experiences.

Kerry-Anne du Plessis, Network IT Executive's Branch Manager, explains that industry events are the best places to network and offers you tips on how to maximise your time at the event:

Establish why you're attending
Know your personal objectives. Are you going to meet a specific person, a service provider or simply attending to keep up to date with industry trends?

Be prepared
Does the event have a dress code and will you need to bring a change of clothes to the office so that you're dressed appropriately? Do you need to prepare anything for the event? Remember that you'll need to hand out your business card, clearly stating your name, title and contact details.

Be a good listener
According to Robyn Henderson, speaker and author of The Creative Edge – Strategies for 24/7 Creativity Strategic Networking, the best networkers are the best listeners. She adds that it's important to have quality conversations when you're networking. Focus on having quality conversations with 4 to 6 people, with the aim of getting them to remember you and call you the next day.

Know how to break the ice
Talking to a complete stranger is difficult ​to do, especially for introverts. If you're really shy, Du Plessis suggests joining online groups or attending seminars and forums instead. It's also a good idea to keep up-to-date on current industry news so that you have interesting topics to discuss.

Lastly, have a great time. Build genuine relationships and give more than you receive. Believe in the power of networking!

Kerry-Anne du Plessis is a Branch Manager at Network Recruitment.

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