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Announcement: NWR Supply Chain
We have exciting news to share with you.
supply chain
Supply chain
4/17/2019 4:35 PMJob Search, OtherLerato Mashego4/17/2019 4:35 PM
Network recruitment

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What to do if you’re in office during the festive season
Tips on how you can use your time wisely so that you start 2018 feeling prepared and in control. 
What to do if you’re in office during the festive season
1/16/2018 2:40 PMOtherLerato Mashego1/16/2018 2:40 PM
Network Recruitment

It's the end of the year and the festive season is right around the corner.  Unfortunately, not all of us will be going on a three-week vacation.  If you are part of the bunch that will be in the office over December, don't despair. In this blog, Network Recruitment will give you tips on how you can use your time wisely so that you start 2018 feeling prepared and in control.  Here's how:

  • Clear your inbox
    With colleagues on leave and your phone not ringing so often you have time to attend to the endless e-mails clogging up your inbox.  This is the time to read outstanding e-mails and decide how best to deal with them, whether this means responding, archiving or deleting.  If there are some e-mails that require your attention, now is the time to take action.
  • Tidy your workspace
    While the rest of your colleagues might have a messy and disorganised desk to deal with when they return from vacation, you can take this time to tidy your workspace.  Not only will your desk be clean and organised, your mind will thank you for it in January.
  • Utilise your lunch hour
    At last, you actually have time to enjoy your lunch break!  Pack a nutritious lunch and bring along the novel you've been longing to read for weeks.  Better yet, bring your training gear to work and go for a walk or an express spin class at the gym.
  • Finalise planning for 2018
    Take some time to do thorough planning for the year ahead;  start with general year planning and include events, project deadlines, public holidays etc.  In addition, focus on the first three months of 2018 by jotting down some to-do items for this period.  This could also be a great time to do some career planning by taking conducting a career audit.
  • Don't stick around if you don't need to
    Many companies allow their employees to knock-off early on certain days in December. Furthermore, some managers are quite comfortable with employees leaving work a little earlier if things are slow.  Take advantage of these offers and don't feel obliged to stay until the end of the workday unless you absolutely must.
  • Take a break as soon as you can
    For various reasons, some professionals choose not to take a break from the office during December.  However, it is important to make plans to enjoy some kind of a break during the year to reduce the chances of burnout. 

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Happy Mothers Day What I Admire Most About My Mom
Happy Mothers Day What I Admire Most About My Mom
5/9/2015 2:57 PMOtherSharePoint Admin Account4/12/2016 3:05 PM

Singer, Stevie Wonder, once said that his mother was a great teacher who was fearless, full of compassion and love. He went on to say that if love was as sweet as a flower, then his mother is that sweet flower of love.

We asked our team about what they admire most about their own mothers. These are their answers...

"I admire the fact that she is selfless and always puts her family first." Prenuchka Mauremootoo

"I admire my mother's selflessness. She always puts others, and especially her family first." Mel Kelly

"My mom has been my rock since the age of one. She raised us on her own and to today she is there for me in every way. She never says no when I am in need, she is the most amazing granny to my boys." Charlene Henderson

"She is my Psychologist. Giving my mom a call after a hard day at work just to have someone to talk to - even though she sometimes doesn't understand exactly what I do, but is willing to listen" Simone van der Merwe

"That is an awesome and easy question!! My mom is the strongest and the gentlest woman I know – she loves completely unconditionally and sets an amazing example as a woman, wife, and mother. Life has not always been easy, but her heart is always filled with gratitude." Zelda Botha

"I admire my mother's strength, her ability to always continue loving, helping, understanding, listening and motivating me. I have the Best Mommy!!!" Ma-Cha Niemand

"Her willingness to always help us whenever we are in need and the fact that she never judges. She will always stand up for us even if it means fighting with her husband. We always come first." Sunette Hendricks

"What I admire most about my mother is the way she is still in love with my father (after 41 years of marriage), the way she loves my father and the way she loves her two daughters. The way she respects people and the way she taught her children to love, care, respect and treat people. Her favourite saying: "Don't do to people what you don't want them to do to you" Lizelle Uren

"She is selfless and generous and always willing to help her children… also her cooking and her good taste and sense of style…" Tess Marshall

"I admire my mother's ability to be both a caring, nurturing loving mother and at the same time, the pillar of strength in our family.  Her smile and hugs warm me to the core.  From cooking delicious meals, to mending clothes, to helping with stressful situations and hiring the best movies on the weekends." Kate Spiers

"She doesn't try to be perfect and never expected me to be either.  She is everything I strive to be in a mom and a woman." Busi Radiokana

"The sheer ability to worry about everyone else before she worries about herself. She always puts the family first ;)" Michelle Calvert

From you, I have learned to drive myself to be the best I can be. And when I feel that I have disappointed my husband or my little boy I just go and think, what would you have done if you were in my situation. Right there and then I change my whole mindset and force myself into seeing the positive side. Your truly grateful daughter." Vhelene Hattingh

"My mother is a formidable woman, who is the weave that keeps our family a strong and enduring unit." Marlene Cilliers

"Her never-ending optimism. She is always of the notion, no man, it can't be that bad….come on and move one." Marna Thompson

"My story might be slightly off the topic, my mom passed away so growing up my greatest inspiration is my gogo – my grandmother, even thinking about her lightens up my face

She is the kind of person who would rather do something for the next person than do something for herself – such kindness I've never seen, I'm truly and richly blessed. " Gugu Lebese

"The very definition of my mother is her selfless dedication and service to others.  She always puts everyone else's needs before her own!" Bernice Roux

"Her loyalty and commitment and hard work. She is really special." Bellah Nxumalo

"The way she loves me. No matter how many times I disappoint her, let her down, snap at her, feel irritated around her – she always treats me the same, loves me the same. She is the perfect example of grace – loving me unconditionally. That's what I admire about my mom. " Annelize Jacobsz

"She is the strongest and most creative woman I know and is always there when I need her. Her support and love are insurmountable." Storm Robertson 

"My mom doesn't stick her nose into my marriage." Somande Brown

"My mother is the kindest hearted person I know." Yolande Maritz

"My Mom gives the best advice. I admire her strength." Nadia Kelly

"I'm blessed to honour two women. My gran and my mom. What I love most about both these women is their relentless spirit.  They are simply amazing, my BFFs my ride-or-die. Love them." Lerato Mashego

"I admire my mother's fighting spirit and her perseverance. She is a fighter and never gives up!" Michelle Snyman

"What I admire most about my mom is that she raised my brothers and myself all by herself. I was completely unaware that I actually didn't have a father in my life because I was such a happy child. She is strong, honest, loving and tells it like it is and loves me through the good and the bad. She really is my rock." Thumeka Mblane

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