Refer & Win


​Refer & Win

We’re proud that most of the people we place are referred to us by clients and candidates. We believe that this is a sign of your trust in us and we like to thank you with a referral incentive.

Do you know of someone who is looking for a job in IT, Finance or Engineering? If so, you could win! Simply refer your candidate by filling out the Network Referral Application Form, providing details of a job seeker you believe could benefit from our in-depth industry knowledge and extensive expertise. If we successfully place this candidate, your incentive will be calculated according to the salary package that they are offered, as follows:

Annual Salary Earned


R120 000 to R300 000 per annum


R301 000 to R500 000 per annum

R1 500

R501 000 to R750 000 per annum

R2 500

R751 000 per annum and above

R3 000

Please note that your incentive will only be payable once we have received payment from the company where the referred candidate was placed.

Furthermore, you will not be considered for an incentive if you submit your own name and information as the details of the person who you are referring. This incentive extends to any number of referrals you submit and that we successfully place. All referral incentive values are quoted pre-tax.

* Denotes a mandatory field that needs to be completed before the form can be submitted.